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Best vacuum for car detailing – Buyer’s Guide

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Why are we looking for the best vacuum for car detailing? Keeping your car clean is one of the tasks that come with car ownership. Everyone enjoys having a clean car, especially when they offer other people a ride.

It is also understood that a well-kept car will also have a better resale value on it when it is time to trade it in. One of the best things you can do to keep your car fresh and clean keep it vacuumed.
best vacuum for car detailing 2018
It is not unusual for someone who is cleaning out their car to haul the floor vacuum out to the driveway of drag out the old shop vac. While this does provide a little assistance in cleaning your floorboards, neither option will provide you with the best cleaning for your car carpets. So, to get the ultimate clean, you need a vacuum designed for car detailing.

Car Detailing Vacuums Top 2018

Best for garage:
VacuMaid GV50PRO
30 lbsHEPA-style bag50 ft Hose$315.00
Amazon’s Choice:
Vacmaster VF408
17.2 lbsHEPA 18 Ft. Cord$74.99
Editor's Choice: McKee's 37 MK37-925281025 lbs35 Ft. Cord$225.00
WORKSHOP WS0301VA12.35 lbsCartridge Filter10 Ft. Cord
7 ft Hose
Crucial Swirl4.5 lbs25 Ft. Cord
5 ft Hose
Master Blaster16.3 lbs30 ft Hose$419.99
Carrand 94005AS8 ouncescleanable filter, reusable basket12 Ft. Cord$55.18
WORKSHOP WS1600SS37.7 poundsFine dust Qwik Lock filter20 Ft. Cord
7 ft Hose

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1. Best Car Detailing Vacuum For Garage – VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted Vacuum

First of all, the VacuMaid GV50PRO is a top quality wall-mounted garage vacuum. The vacuum is easy to mount in any area of your garage and has a 50 ft hose, making it possible to reach anywhere in your garage or driveway for optimal car detailing. The VacuMaid comes with several detailing tools and a HEPA bag system which allows for even the smallest particles to be absorbed.

The VacuMaid GV50Pro has a very large motor in comparison to similar garage vacuums. The 5.7”, 120 volt Ametek Lamb motor is powerful enough to pick up the heaviest debris, and it is rated for 650 hours’ worth of use. The vacuum comes with several attachments that make car detailing a breeze, and these attachments can be very useful for keeping your garage in pristine condition.
The VacuMaid is constructed from galvanized steel that has been powder coated. This design feature protects the vacuum from rusting and extends the overall life of the product. The vacuum comes with four different cleaning attachments and a telescopic curved wand for the hard to reach places. The HEPA filtration bag keeps all the dirt and debris in one place and is easy to empty.
The VacuMaid GF50 is not a wet/dry vac. These vacuums are only made to remove dirt and debris that are dry. If you have issues in your car or garage that are from the liquid, you will have to use a different vacuum cleaner.


  • 50 Foot hose that makes using the vacuum anywhere in the garage area easy
  • Wall mounting keeps the vacuum out of the way
  • Powerful motor allows you to pick up all types of debris
  • This is not a wet/dry vacuum
  • Is not good for cleaning up heavy sawdust
Buy VacuMaid GV50PRO on Amazon – $315.00.

2.Amazon’s Choice: Best Wet/Dry Floor Vacuum – Vacmaster 4 Gallon VF408

The Vacmaster VF 408 Wet/Dry vac is an industrial strength wet/dry vacuum that is known to have exceptional suction power for both wet or dry messes. Also, it’s set on sturdy casters and is easy to move around your home, garage or driveway. The large tank allows you to clean for an extended period of time without emptying.

The Vacmaster is made for heavy-duty cleaning jobs. It has a two-stage motor that allows it to have superior suction whether it is dry or wet spills. The motor runs very quietly in comparison to similar type machines. The two-stage motor also has an extended life compared to similar models.

The Vacmaster is built on top of very sturdy wheels that make moving the machine quite easy. The machine is built with an 18-foot retractable cord and has a 7-foot hose which helps you reach your car in the driveway while it is plugged into the garage. Separate attachments can help you clean hard-to-reach places.

The one main concern with this vacuum is the suction power when cleaning dry debris. If the filer is damaged, blocked or broken, the machine will not work properly. You will not have sufficient suction to pick up dust or dirt.


  • Heavy duty casters makes machine easy to move
  • Extra-long cord allows you to move freely through your home, garage or driveway
  • Can be used for wet or dry clean up
  • The machine is not wall mountable and will require space for storage
  • Filter issues can prevent sufficient suction
Buy Vacmaster VF408 on Amazon – $74.99.

3. Editor’s Choice: Best Heavy Duty Wet/Dry Vac For Car Detailing – McKee’s 37 MK37-9252810 8 Gallon

The McCkee’s 37 8 gallon wet/dry vacuum is a powerful car detailing vacuum that can be used in any area of your garage or home. Built for heavy duty use, this machine is on four solid wheels and has a 35 foot cord. So that it can be moved about with ease. The 8 gallon drum makes this the perfect vacuum for longer jobs because you do not have to empty it often.

The McKee’s 37 8 gallons wet/dry vac is built to be easy to use and provide superior suction. The powerful motor will help ensure the most water is extracted during any cleaning process. The motor also runs very quietly when compared to other motors of this size. The suction for dry debris is very good as well and the vacuum is equipped with disposable bags to ensure that dirt stays trapped once removed.

The McKee’s 37 8 gallon has an extra-long cord so that you can move around your garage or driveway without having to stop and re-plug in the machine. The machine is equipped with a 7-foot hose and comes with several attachments to make car detailing easy. The suction is very high on this machine and you will be able to pick up very small dust particles or excess water without issue.

The only real drawback to this machine is its overall weight. Coming in at 25 pounds, this machine is about 8 pounds heavier than your average machine of this size. This is mainly due to the construction. However, if weight is an issue, you may struggle a bit picking up this machine.


  • Heavy duty suction for a great clean
  • Extra-long cord to allow for superior reach
  • Works with both liquid and dry spills
  • Heavier than many similar machines
  • Requires special dust collection bags to use.
Buy McKee’s 37 MK37-9252810 on Amazon – $225.00.

4.Best Portable Wet/Dry Vac for Car Detailing – WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vac WS0301VA

The Workshop Portable wet/dry vacuum horse-powered for car detailing and small clean up projects around your home. Regardless of its small size, the Worksop Vacuum has a 3.5 horsepower motor making it very powerful for cleaning. The vacuum has a 3-gallon storage container which is just the right size for cleaning your car.

The lightweight vacuum can be held in one hand while using it with the other. It is very quiet to use and can easily pick up wet or dry spills. The hose for the machine is expandable to 7 feet and can easily coil up and be stored in the machine after use.

The machine was specifically designed for car detailing, though it does well on small jobs around the home. The tools that come with the machine make it perfect for deep cleaning your car, including a long crevice tool and a dusting brush. One of the best features of the machine is the electric dustpan feature that allows for easy pick up of piles of dry debris.

The machine is very powerful, but it is not recommended for heavy debris, such as wood shavings or sawdust. The collection container is small in comparison, so the vacuum will require frequent emptying for larger jobs.


  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to use and easy to store
  • Made specifically for car detailing
  • Does not pick up heavy debris well like sawdust
  • Needs to be emptied frequently
Buy WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vac WS0301VA on Amazon – $79.99.

5.Lightweight Vacuum For Car Detailing: Crucial Swirl Powerful Handheld Portable Vacuum Cleaner

The Crucial Swirl handheld vacuum is a super lightweight vacuum designed specifically for car detailing. This lightweight vacuum has a shoulder strap and can easily be carried like a handbag or backpack while in use. This handheld vacuum comes with attachments specifically designed for car detailing.

The Crucial Swirl handheld vacuum is designed specifically for car detailing. However, the special attachments also make it perfect for reaching difficult areas in your home such as under appliances or in crevices around the doors or windows. Although it is small and lightweight, the vacuum has very good suction power.

One of the best features of this vacuum is the specialty attachments. Designed for superior car cleaning, the vacuum even has micro tools and a micro-sized hose attachment so that you can reach even the smallest spaces in your car. The vacuum also is attached to a 35-foot cord, making it portable in every sense.

The Crucial Swirl portable vacuum is designed to clean up dry debris only. You cannot clean water spills with this vacuum. Additionally, this vacuum is not meant for heavy-duty cleaning in areas like the garage or home.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can be carried like a back pack
  • Specially esigned micro tools for superior cleaning
  • Not a wet/dry vacuum
  • Not meant for heavy clean up work
Buy Crucial Swirl Portable Vacuum on Amazon – $99.99.

6. Best Car Dryer – Air Force Master Blaster Revolution

Part of the car detailing process is making sure the car is dry when you are completed. This eliminates streaks, stains, and corrosion. The Air Force Master Blaster is a top rated forced air machine that provides warm air for drying your vehicle.

The unit is not very heavy and can be mounted to a garage wall with ease. The 30-foot hose can easily reach every area of your car’s interior or exterior. The special attachments ensure that you can completely dry hard-to-reach places. Unit runs very quietly in comparison to similar forced air dryers.

Unlike many air dryers for car detailing, the Air Force Master Blaster uses filtered warm air. This feature alone makes it a very desirable machine for detailing cars. The warm air is gentle enough to use on expensive finishes, but warm enough to give a quality dry that is free from streaks or stains.

This machine is made for drying only. This is not a vacuum or a wet/dry vac. This lightweight machine is designed for finishing car detailing projects only.


  • Very lightweight and easily mounts to the wall
  • Extra-long hose makes it easy to reach anywhere in your workspace
  • Uses warm air for a more complete dry
  • Does not work as a wet/dry vacuum
  • Should use in a plug with a 15amp breaker
Buy Air Force Master Blaster on Amazon – $419.99.

7. Best Bagless Handheld Detail Vacuum – Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa Bagless Auto-Vac

The Carrand Auto Spa detailing vacuum is a small vacuum that is great for quick cleaning in your vehicle. This vacuum is meant for dry debris cleaning only and should not be used on wet surfaces. The easy to carry vacuum has several attachments for quality detailing.

The Carrand Auto Spa vacuum is a handheld device that has a 12-foot cord and a 40-inch hose with attachments. This lightweight vacuum is easy to carry into your vehicle and will move around effortlessly while you clean. The motor is powerful for its size and is very quiet.

In addition to its lightweight design, the Carrand Car Spa detail vacuum cleaner has the right attachments to use for a superior clean in your car. The crevice tool is designed with extra length to reach small places, and the bristle attachment will remove dirt from any type of carpeting or upholstery.

This is a lightweight vacuum that is meant only to remove dry debris from your vehicle. This should not be used with wet areas or for major cleaning projects around your home.


  • Portable and very lightweight
  • Many different attachment tools
  • Very quiet running motor
  • Does not pick up liquid spills
  • Not recommended for other areas of your home
Buy Carrand 94005AS on Amazon – $55.18.

8. Best Heavy Duty Wet/Dry Vac – WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacs WS1600SS

The Workshop Wet/Dry 1600 SS is a top performing heavy-duty wet dry vac. The vacuum is designed for large jobs and is equipped with a 16-gallon drum. The vacuum is made in cart style so that you can easily push it. Has excellent water suction as well as dry debris removal.

The Workshop 1600 SS is a heavy duty wet/dry vac that has the ability to suction one gallon of water per minute. The intense suction power is also good for dry debris, including heavier items like sawdust. The cart design allows you to take additional items with you as you move around to clean your vehicle. The interior of the vacuum is very easy to clean and maintain after each use.

The Workshop 1600 SS has a very strong motor in it that comes with a 5-year guarantee. The construction of the machine is very solid, and the stainless steel canister is easy to clean after use. The attachments are perfect for vehicle detailing as well as major cleaning around your home. As an additional benefit, the Workshop 1600 SS has a very strong motor that runs very quietly making it bearable to use for extended periods of time.

The vacuum is heavier than most detailing vacuums at almost 38 pounds. The heavy-duty casters make moving it around much easier, but some people may find it difficult to lift, especially if it is filled with water.


  • Very heavy duty machine that is especially good for water pick up
  • Cart design for easy maneuverability
  • 5-year warranty on the motor
  • Heavy in comparison to other machines
  • May be difficult to lift when filled with water
Buy WORKSHOP WS1600SS on Amazon – $189.99.


When you are searching for a car detailing vacuum, there are several things that you should consider before making your purchase. Reviewing the options of several machines will ensure that you make the right choice in vacuums. before you purchase any car detailing vacuum, you should look at the following information on each of the machines:

Type Of Vacuum

You will want to look at the type of vacuum. Some are dry debris only, while others are suited for wet or dry vacuuming. If you are going to shampoo any areas of your vehicle, you may want to consider a wet/dry vacuum. You may also want to look at features such as a blower to help you dry areas that you just cleaned.

Purpose of Vacuum

Are you going to use this vacuum for your car detailing only? If you want to use the vac around your garage or house as well, you may want to consider a larger vacuum with more power.

Motor Size

The size of the motor will have a lot to do with how strong the suction is on the machine. A larger motor is often used in vacuums that also pick up liquids. You may also want to look at the anticipated hours that the motor is slated to run. Some of the larger motors can have a use life of over 750 hours. Some of the smaller machines may have a shorter lifespan.

Cord Length

If you plan to move around while you are vacuuming, from the garage to driveway, you will want to make sure that there is sufficient length in the plugin cord. Some vacuums may not meet your needs because cord length is too short to reach the areas you need to use the machine.

Mountable or Not

Some vacuums can be wall mounted in your garage area and come with long hoses for easy use. Other vacuums move around on wheels and need to be stored accordingly.


Look at what attachments are being offered and if they meet your needs. Each vacuum will offer something different. Some vacuums will also include special tools that are designed for car detailing.


If you are looking for a small vacuum, look for the weight to make sure that it will be easy for you to carry. All small vacuums weigh a different amount.

Power Requirements

Some of the stronger machines will require that you have a plug in your home or garage that is connected to at least a 15 amp breaker. For safety reasons, make sure you understand what type of power the machine will require and that you can meet this demand before making a purchase.


The overall weight of the machine may be very important to you, even if the machine is on wheels. When the vacuum becomes filled, it may be difficult to empty if it weighs too much for you to handle. Always look at the overall weight of the machine to make sure you can handle lifting it to empty the canister.


Every machine has a different warranty. Always review the warranty for the best deal.

Taking your time to review all the options being offered in a car detailing vacuum will help ensure that you purchase the right vacuum to meet your needs.

How To Detail Your Car With Vacuum – Video Guide

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