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Trying to find the best dustbusters? Black and Decker, Dyson, Dewalt, Shark, Dirt Devil – which one to choose?

best dustbuster 2018

What is The Best Dustbuster in 2019?

Please feel free to glance at our quick comparison chart, or read further for detailed information on our Top 6 Picks for Dust Busters.

WELIKERA 12V 100W best cordless dustbuster
Editor's Choice
2.7 lbsDust, liquid,
ash, pet hair
Out of stock
Dyson V7 most powerful dustbuster
Dyson V7 Trigger
Most Powerful Model
3.77 lbsDust, pet hairCheck on Amazon
HoLife most quiet dustbuster
HoLife Cordless Vacuum
3.27 lbsDust, crumbs,
pet hair, liquids,
cat litter
BLACK+DECKER Best Seller Dust Buster
2.6 lbsFrom carpet
to ceramic tile,
furniture, etc
Homasy - best dustbuster for pet hair
Homasy 6Kpa
Best For Pet Hair
3.3 lbsPet hair,
sand, crumbs,
dust, liquid
the cheapest dustbuster Evertop
Evertop CMV(A)
Cheap Dustbuster
1.2 lbsDustOut of stock

Handheld vacuums, or DustBusters as they are more commonly called, has become almost a necessity for cleaning. These handy little vacuums are portable and easy to use, fit into small spaces, allow you to clean areas without having to lug around a large vacuum, and are easy to clean and maintain.

Dustbusters come in a variety of suction powers, sizes, and ways that they receive electricity. A close look at the different types of handheld vacuums that are available today will help you select the one that is perfect for your cleaning needs.

1. Welikera 12v 100w Cordless Dust Buster – Editor’s Choice

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When we review a product we set certain standards that the product must meet to make our list. We always search for at least one product that exceeds all of these standards so we can name it the best in the product category. So the Welikera 12v 100w is that product. We believe that this dust buster exceeds in every category that makes a vacuum a quality product.

Lightweight tool

Weighing in at less than three pounds, the vacuum is light enough for anyone to use comfortably and can be used for an extended period of time without making your arms or hand tired. Also, it has very powerful suction and can pick up just about every type of small debris you encounter when cleaning. It has a variety of tools that allow you to easily access crevices and under furniture to allow thorough cleaning.

Cleans up liquids

As an additional bonus, the Welikera can also be used as a wet vacuum when a spill occurs. The vacuum will quickly clean up liquids and then can be wiped out and used for dry cleaning almost immediately. Of course, you should allow the filter to dry first, but it can also be wiped dry in an instant.

Superior filter

welikera steel filter
The stainless steel filter that Welikera uses is one of the main reasons we feel this is a superior product. This stainless steel construction not only filters dust particles better than the typical paper filter, it also can be wiped clean or dried instantly. You do not have to worry about tears or filter failure like you do with paper filters. The stainless steel construction also allows the suction of the vacuum to be a bit stronger than those with paper filters because the metal construction can withstand the pressure.

The Welikera is a cordless vacuum. Therefore, you can carry it anywhere with you to do your cleaning and not be inhibited by a power cord. Many consumers enjoy this feature because it allows them to use the vacuum to clean out their vehicles without lugging out the large vacuum or hooking up several extension cords.


The Welikera takes about three to four hours to completely charge for use. Initial charge and charges that occur after the battery had completely drained may take up to five hours to complete. The manufacturer recommends that you allow the device to charge completely before use. Once charged, the vacuum can perform at full strength for 25-30 minutes without having to recharge. This is generally enough time to clean a car, vacuum steps, and stairways, or clean up a small spill with ease.

Reach all hidden spaces

The final feature that we found very useful on this device is that it has a very bright LED headlight. This light allows you to easily clean under furniture and dark spaces and sees enough to make sure that the area is cleaned completely.

2. Dyson V7 Trigger – Most Powerful Dustbuster

First of all, the Dyson V7 Trigger cord-free handheld vacuum has the most powerful suction of all the dust busters that we reviewed. Backed by the Dyson V7 engine, this small vacuum can really reach into the carpeting to lift dirt that you probably did not know was even there.
The vacuum is superior for cleaning pet hair and hard to remove lint. This vacuum even has the ability to pick up nuts and bolts, but this is something we definitely do not recommend.


The Dyson V7 Trigger is lightweight and easy to use. It weighs less than four pounds and can be easily maneuvered when in use. The vacuum comes with three attachments that greatly aid in cleaning. Unlike many other handheld vacuums, the Dyson is designed to allow no-touch dirt ejection. Simply push a button while holding the vacuum over a trash bin and the container empties without you ever having to dirty your hands.

The mini motorized toll is very effective for deep cleaning and lifting pet hair from any surface. The combination tool allows you to dust or deep clean and is perfect for cleaning vehicles or staircases. The crevice tool is superior at cleaning hard to reach areas.


The vacuum is a cord-free device and requires at least four hours of charge time to get about 30 minutes’ worth of use. Most people opt to purchase the wall charger for the device because this seems to provide the best charge for the vacuum. You can directly plug it into the wall if you do not have the wall mounting.


The design is a typical Dyson design, and many people feel that it is a little bulky. You have to keep the trigger manually depressed throughout use which can lead to your hands becoming tired. However, if you enjoy the high suction power of a Dyson product, these small irritations can easily be looked over. Of course, it comes with your typical Dyson 2-year warranty.

The Dyson can only be used for dry debris cleaning. It cannot be used as a wet vacuum or in areas where it will suck up any type of moisture. Dyson motors are completely digital and need to be kept away from water and damp areas when stored.

Dyson V7 Trigger Video Review

3. Ho-Life Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 14.8 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery – The Quietest Handheld Vacuum

The Ho-Life cordless handheld vacuum cleaner has topped the list for the quietest machine available on the market that still has an exceptional performance. Many vacuum cleaners, regardless of size or style, are loud. They have that whirling motor sound, and as they age can become quite noisy. For most people, vacuuming is an annoyance because of how loud these machines are.

This is not the case with the Ho-Life cordless dustbuster. The design of the device allows for most of the sound to be muffled, while still providing excellent suction. Many times a vacuum that performs this quietly also does not remove dirt as well as you would like.


The vacuum is powered by a 14.8Li-ion battery that is fully rechargeable. The vacuum is placed in a base to charge and will require three to four hours to attain a complete charge. There are no wall mounts or special plugs available for this unit. Once charged, the vacuum will operate for at least 30 minutes without losing any of its suction power.


The Ho-Life weighs just a little over three pounds. This makes it very easy to use for just about anybody. The shape is similar to other handheld vacuums, and the machine is equipped with several attachments so you can access hard-to-reach areas with ease.

Wet vacuum

The Ho-Life is a dry and wet vacuum. If you use the vacuum to clean up liquid spills you should make sure that the filter and the catch cup is completely dry before using to pick up dry debris. The filter is made from washable material and should be allowed to air dry before placing back into the vacuum. Never charge the vacuum while it has a wet filter.


The dust filter in the machine can be hand washed in a matter of seconds. So, you can reuse it for the life of the machine. The manufacturer recommends allowing the filter to completely air dry before replacing it in the machine. For those who may not have the luxury of waiting, spare filters are available for purchase separately.

4. Black and Decker 16v – Amazon Best Seller

This small dustbuster is the leading seller in handheld vacuums for many reasons. The product is backed by a familiar brand that is known to produce quality products and this vacuum is not an exception. Also, the 16v motor on this handheld vacuum provides exceptional suction power, and the machine will run for a solid 30 minutes without fail.


Another benefit to this handheld vacuum is that it is easy to charge and will hold a charge for up to 18 months without draining. While it would be unusual to not have to vacuum for this period of time, it is nice to know that you can forget to place it on the charger for a little while and still not be left with a dead machine.

The Black and Decker dustbuster is a dry vacuum only. The motor and filter will be compromised if you try to vacuum liquids into this machine. The machine is designed for easy use on dry spills only.


The vacuum is very lightweight, coming in at around two and a half pounds. This makes it super easy to use and can be used for a long period of time without tiring. The vacuum just plugs in so that it can recharge, and it automatically shuts off when the charge is complete. This is very beneficial to the life of the machine. When batteries become overcharged they use up their power faster and need to be recharged more often.

Video Review

The vacuum comes with a crevice tool and a vacuum brush for extra cleaning power. The filter is washable and should be completely dried before returning it to the machine. The bagless dirt catcher can be rinsed with warm soapy water and air dry as well.

Black and Decker offers a two-year limited warranty on the product and has an 800 number that you can call for questions or concerns about your machine.

5. Homasy, 6Kpa Cyclonic Suction – Best For Pet Hair

We all love our pets and the happiness that they bring into our lives each day. Most people, however, do not love the amount of pet hair that accumulates around the house, especially when the seasons change. Vacuuming pet hair can be a problem if you do not have the right type of cleaner.

Best Dustbuster For Pet Hair

The Homasy Cordless Dustbuster 6Kpa Cyclonic Vacuum has been rated as the very best to clean up pet hair, especially from hard to reach places. The cyclonic suction on this machine is very good and even the softest dog or cat hair will quickly come up with your furniture or car upholstery. In fact, this vacuum provides very good cleaning power for any type of debris.

The Homasy is rated as a dry or wet hand vacuum and even comes with a special attachment just for liquid clean up. It also features a washable filter that can be reused for the life of the vacuum. When cleaning liquid spills and when rinsing the filter you should wait until the machine is dry before placing it back in the charge station. Filter air dries quickly and can be replaced with ease.

Quiet vacuum

The machine runs very quietly in comparison to other handheld vacuums. It takes about four hours to completely charge on its base and runs for about 30 minutes before needing to recharge. It is very lightweight, weighing only three pounds. And the attachments allow you to clean even the hard to reach areas of your home or car.

The vacuum charges on a solid base. There are not any options for a cord adaption straight to the wall or for a wall mounting. The collection bin is very easy to use and empty and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. In conclusion we recommend you to clean the filter after each use.

6. Evertop CMV(A) Dustbuster – Most Cost Effective

The very first thing that you notice about the Evertop Dust Buster is its color. Unlike most dustbusters that are black or silver, this one is bright red. The red color does not impact the performance, of course, but it does make you feel a little more cheerful when using the machine.


The second thing that you notice is how lightweight the machine is when you are using it. Weighing in at just a little over one pound, anyone can use this vacuum without a struggle. The vacuum comes with a crevice attachment and a brush attachment for easy cleaning in any area.

It is very important to understand that this vacuum was designed for simple cleaning and easy cleaning areas. The motor is not strong enough for heavy-duty cleaning and the suction is not powerful enough for heavy debris. We recommend this dustbuster only for very light cleaning like pet hair, dusting keyboards, and desk areas, or small debris spills. Not recommended for liquids.


The vacuum is charged using a USB port. You can charge it on your laptop, in your car, or use a USB adapter in a wall socket. It takes about 5 hours for the vacuum to get a complete charge. And the charge runs for about 25 to 30 minutes.


The dust catcher is easy to empty and clean. The filter is only a metal screen that is attached to the device. We recommend you wipe down the filter before each use. If the vacuum loses suction while in use you may have to open and check if the filter screen.

It is the perfect handheld vacuum for light car cleaning and office use.

Dustbuster Vacuum Buying Guide

When you are ready to purchase a dustbuster, there are a few things that you should look at before making your final purchase. Knowing what to look for will allow you to buy the right vacuum to meet your needs.

What Can The Vacuum Pick Up?

You will want to check if the vacuum is designed for dry spills or dry and wet spills. Depending on your need, you should select the machine accordingly. Another thing to consider if you are choosing a dust buster that picks up water is if it comes with a liquid attachment.

How Strong Is The Vacuum?

Check the voltage on the vacuum. Higher voltage will result in a more powerful motor and suction. If you are looking for a vacuum to use on a regular basis you will want to make sure that it has a higher voltage so that you can use it more frequently.

Type of Filter

Is the filter metallic, washable material, paper or mounted screen? Each filter has its benefits and drawbacks. If you want a superior clean, look for a stainless steel removable filter on the machine. Washable filters are also very good, followed by paper then mounted the screen.

Size and Weight

Check the design and weight of the machine to make sure it is compatible with your needs. Handheld vacuums weigh between one and four pounds and come in a variety of styles.


Look for any and all attachments the machine offers. Make sure it has the attachments you need to complete your cleaning. Check what type of charging station you’ll need for the device. You can also check additional accessories on Amazon.


Check to see if the manufacturer offers a warranty on the device or if it is necessary to purchase a separate policy. Most vacuum manufacturers offer at least a partial warranty on all of their products.


Handheld vacuums, or dustbusters, are one of the most useful home cleaning products you can own. These handy little vacuums allow you to clean hard to reach spaces, crevices in your furniture, and remove pet hair, even from clothes. They are perfect for cleaning stairs, and using one for this household chore is much safer than trying to lug a full-size vacuum down a staircase.

Portable vacuums are also great in the garage where you can use them to clean your vehicles or garage messes. The vacuums can wall mount or plug into a charging station that you can easily place anywhere in your home or garage. Most take only a few hours to charge. And then can work steadily for 30 minutes, which is generally more time than necessary to clean a spill.

Depending on what your cleaning needs are, you can find handheld vacuums that are very small and can perform light duty work. Or very large and powerful for continual work or heavy duty jobs. Selecting one simply comes down to choosing one that will meet your personal needs.

Making DustBuster Using Plastic Bottle (Video)

So, if you don’t have $10 for Evertop vacuum – you can make it, using just a plastic bottle!

4.60 avg. rating (91% score) - 5 votes

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